UI/UX audit

To ensure that information systems are intuitive and easy to use, T2T offers to carry out a system usability audit. The audit results are presented in a report that outlines the system’s strongest and weakest areas with a list of recommended improvements.

Our Usability/User Experience expert will evaluate the system’s compliance with generally accepted usability standards such as inscription clarity, workflow logic, activity sequencing, intelligibility, color scheme and imagery, and will create a report that outlines areas that may need improvement, along with justification and recommended solutions. Solution implementation is also available upon request.

  • Increased system/web page visits
  • Easy-to-use system/solution irrespective of user background or experience
  • Shorter lead times, fewer clicks
  • Positive user feedback about about system usage
  • Less user support needed
  • Satisfied end-users, customers, partners and employees

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