System design (UX)

Superb user experience (UX) is our goal. Our development process includes:

  • analysis of customer business processes,
  • user research (interviews, observation in real-life settings, brainstorming, questionnaires),
  • development of personas (user profiles),
  • mapping customer journeys,
  • user interface design (wireframes, prototypes),
  • user testing.

We involve system users in every step of the iterative UX design process. Therefore, users can influence the end result that supports business goals and user needs.

  • We perform usability audit of existing systems, during which the user experience expert will review your system compliance with overall usability standards such as textual clarity and unambiguity, activity sequencing logics, colours and pictures, and prepare a detailed list of improvement recommendations along the issue descriptions. We also provide implementation of our recommendations.

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