Quality policy

To improve the quality of our services, T2T has implemented a quality management system that is compliant with EN ISO 9001 standard:

  • We are aware that a brave, relentless and open employee is our value.
  • We have ensured that our management system and quality policy, as well as our commitment to quality and safety, is understood, implemented and enforced throughout the company.
  • Development and harmonisation of customer service and service quality objectives balances customer requirements with economic and development interests of the company.
  • T2T has set complete understanding and realization of customer needs as core aspect of its business. We strive to achieve it by developing and maintaining a range of applications, by rigorous adherence to requirements that are formulated via mutual agreement and set in our contractual oligations to the customer, which in turn secures our company’s high competitiveness in the Latvian market and maximum customer satisfaction.
  • T2T complies with and implements our own internal customer service requirements as well as requirements defined in the applicable regulatory enactments for the services provided.
  • Our company’s quality management system is developed as a continuously evolving body of knowledge, which allows incessant refinement of core management processes, striving for efficiency and effectiveness, by keeping in mind the goal of always improving customer satisfaction, correcting and preventing errors, identifying and managing existing risks.
  • The efficient functioning of our quality management system is ensured by carrying out regular monitoring and improvement activities as well as internal auditing.

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