Enterprise Resource Planning systems

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides efficient enterprise resource planning, business process and data management and automation, including regulatory financial accounting. The end-to-end solution of our enterprise resource management and planning (ERP) system is tailored to the business specifics of the company.

  • Efficient and improved workflows
  • One-stop access to comprehensive company data
  • Savings on human resources, time and cost
  • Improved and transparent financial control
  • Reduced risk of errors

SAP ERP is an enterprise resource management system that companies rely on to manage and automate their business processes. The SAP system consists of a variety of modules that can be implemented by the company according to situation and need. For small and medium-sized enterprises we have developed standardised solutions with a combination of ready-made SAP ERP system process configurations that follow industry best practices. This significantly reduces implementation time and costs.

T2T is SAP Partner with experience in implementing SAP ERP systems since 1996. T2T offers the following services:

  • SAP system implementation
  • SAP system licence sale and maintenance
  • SAP system adminstration and application maintenance services;
  • System roll-outs
  • Assessment and implementation of localization and legislative requirements
  • SAP user training
  • SAP help desk

SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is a user-friendly, scalable data analytics platform designed not only to build data warehouses and provide information collection and integration, but also to support user data request self-service and interactive data analysis, data visualization, and information dissemination automation.

We offer implementation of SAP BI (data warehouse) as well as SAP business planning and consolidation (SAP PBC) applications that ensures planning, budgeting, foreasting and financial consolidation functions. This allows you to easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budgeting and closing processes and ensure compliance with financial report standards.

Standard products and solutions cannot always be adapted to specific business processes, thereore T2T offers to implement tailor-made solutions.

Please contact us and we will analyze your business processes and offer the most appropriate solution that is easy to maintain and develop.

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